pdf2swf - Converts Acrobat PDF files into Flash SWF Animation files.


pdf2swf [-options] file.pdf -o file.swf


Converts a PDF file to a SWF file.


−h, −−help

Print short help message and exit

−V, −−version

Print version info and exit

−o, −−output file.swf

will go into a seperate file.

−p, −−pages range


−P, −−password password

Use password for deciphering the pdf.

−v, −−verbose

Be verbose. Use more than one -v for greater effect.

−z, −−zlib

The resulting SWF will not be playable in browsers with Flash Plugins 5 and below!

−i, −−ignore

SWF files a little bit smaller, but it may also cause the images in the pdf to look funny.

−j, −−jpegquality quality

Set quality of embedded jpeg pictures to quality. 0 is worst (small), 100 is best (big). (default:85)

−s, −−set param=value

Set a SWF encoder specific parameter. See pdf2swf -s help for more information.

−w, −−samewindow

When clicked on, the page they point to will be opened in the window the SWF is displayed.

−t, −−stop

The resulting SWF file will not turn pages automatically.

−T, −−flashversion num

Set Flash Version in the SWF header to num.

−F, −−fontdir directory

Add directory to the font search path.

−b, −−defaultviewer

Therefore the swf file will be "browseable", i.e. display some buttons for turning pages.
The viewer swf to be used is determined by a symlink named "default_viewer.swf" in
the swftools data directory.

−l, −−defaultloader

The loader swf to be used is determined by a symlink named "default_loader.swf" in
the swftools data directory.

−B, −−viewer filename

See http://www.quiss.org/swftools/pdf2swf_usage.html for information on how to create your own viewers.

−L, −−preloader filename

filename is an arbitrary swf animation.

−q, −−quiet

Suppress normal messages. Use -qq to suppress warnings, also.

−S, −−shapes

Don’t use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape.

−f, −−fonts

Store full fonts in SWF. (Don’t reduce to used characters).

−G, −−flatten

This usually makes the file faster to render and also usually smaller, but will increase
conversion time.

−I, −−info

Don’t do actual conversion, just display a list of all pages in the PDF.

−Q, −−maxtime n

Abort conversion after n seconds. Only available on Unix.