Websites/Products Web sites and products which use swftools or are based on swftools.

scribd.com hosts millions of pdf2swf-converted documents.

The files are converted to PDF from a variety of formats (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .odp, .sxw, .sxi, .rtf and many more), and then processed by pdf2swf. The viewer used for displaying the SWF content supports numerous view modes (list mode, slide mode, book mode, slide overview, ...) as well as text copy&paste and searching.

Digipaper, a product from the Finish company Mederra Oy, allows to browse magazines and newspapers online.

They created a very professional viewer around the flash files generated by pdf2swf (click on the screenshot for a demonstration).

Pagegangster, a company which offers online publishing of PDF documents. They feature different viewing modes (Popup, Frame, 2Frames), page flipping with sound effects, and document overviews.

v-catalog converts brochures, catalogs and magazines into interactive web based publications.

Motion Paper, a company which offers online publishing of PDF documents. Their Actionscript 3.0 viewer supports server-based search functions, page flipping and an eyecandy-rich document overview.

pdfflash.com allows to create flipbooks from PDF.

The PDF files are converted to SWF by pdf2swf, and embedded in an page-flipping viewer.


A site like youtube.com, only for presentations.

The slides are uploaded as PDF, and converted to SWF by pdf2swf.

trails.com offer thousands of pdf2swf-converted maps for Mountain Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, etc.


A site selling TrueType fonts.

The fonts are stored on the backend, converted to SWF by swfc and loaded into client-side Flash applications.

PowerConverter, a product from the company Presentation Pro, converts Powerpoint to Flash. The video converter component of this product is based on swftools' h.263 encoder.

The Phybas project

An online course about physics (harmonics, light emissions), created using pdf2swf.

A number of features (subtitles when moving the mouse over formulas, links between pages) are implemented using a combination of pdf2swf's link converter and pdflatex.